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Get To Know IlluminTech

Welcome, My name is Marcus. I’m starting this site to try and fill a gap in technology blogs. Before we get any further, I’d like to explain that this is not about reviewing gadgets, or services. This is not about reiterating tech news from other sites. What Illumintech is about is ideas. I hope that there is a market out there for this content, because I don’t want things to end with what I put on the page. I encourage everybody to post in the coment section so we can have some actual discussions about technology today and where technology is  going.

Saying that, I would like to get some rules out for discussions.

  1. No fan boy comments: No comment pages will disintegrate into a Mac vs. PC discussion. There is two much of this already, and it is counter productive.
  2. No personal attacks: You can disagree with any comment. That is what discussion is about, however keep on subject. No one is a (insert profanity) because they think different than you.
  3. Keep on subject: Small tangents are fine, however I’d like to keep on the subject at hand, this is still a blog not a forum.

Get to Know Me

I am a very opinionated person. Im also fasinated by technology, so I created a blog to try and bring people like me together and have discussions about technology. I don’t have many interesting facts about my personal life because that is not what this blog is about. However, I am incredibly interested in technology and what you have to say, so please leave comments.


This is not blog for profit, and I have no plans for any monetary advertising until I have a decent sized user base. However, if you have a great site with great content leave it in the comments on this page or drop me an email, and Ill put up a picture add on my site. Remember just one picture add at a time. I’d rather have one quality add rather than forty links. You can give me the picture or Ill make one for you. You can drop me an email at mhaberling@gmail.com.



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