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Life in the Clouds


Over the past few years we have seen online office solutions come into full stride. If you are ready to try life in the clouds, read this comprehensive review of Microsoft Web Apps, Google Docs, and Zoho Office. Keep Reading…

In Defense of Windows Phone 7


I feel that Windows Phone 7 has been getting a pretty rough time lately. I’m not saying it doesn’t deserve it. From low sale numbers to the ever allusive updates, WP7 deserves quite a bit of criticism. On the other hand, the OS does one thing that I feel is revolutionary in this space. For that, WP7 deserves a shout out. See the Full Article

The Ipad, ExoPC, and the Future of Tablets


Tablets are in a strange place right now, We know what they are supposed to look like and about how much the should cost, however we have yet to fighure out what they are supposed to do. That should be the first thing right? I was excited when tablet computing burst onto the scene last year with the release of the Ipad. However… See the Full Article

Pandora vs. The World: A Story About New Audio Media

Pandora RadioPandora is following me.  At first it just showed up on my computer, after that it apeared on my Blackberry. When I switched to Andriod it was already there waiting. Now it snuck on to my TV through my Boxee Box. No matter where I am Pandora is ready to stream me my custom radio stations. Pandora has achieved the level of distribution of actual radio, and because of that is now competing with it in a large way. So my question is: How does radio Survive? See the Full Article